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The Cozy Bike is the first type of bicycle, which ensures the sustainability of itself by following one ethical rule. Jakob came up with the idea of creating a type of bicycle which does not only have its own characteristics in geometrics or style, but also has it's ethical rule. A rule that ensures, that a Cozy Bike can only be produced sustainable and corporate responsible. This way Jakob tries to trick the big capitalistic and non sustainable bicycle brands, which rule the market. As they are revealing new types of bicycles every year, to increase their sales, the Cozy Bike aims for other goals. For Sustainability, for circular economy, for more individuality, for more corporate responsibility and coziness. The ethical rule of the Cozy Bike makes it impossible for a big company to produce a Cozy Bike in China and sell it in Europe. This way the Cozy Bike is reserved for sustainable and local producing manufacturers only.


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Größe | 55
Laufradgröße | 26"
Geschlecht | Unisex
Disziplin | Stadtrad & Trekking
Farbe | Lila


Rahmenform | Diamant
Bremsentyp | Felgenbremse
Rahmenmaterial | Stahl
Schalthebel | Shimano
Gänge vorne | 3