The Cozy Bike

The Cozy Bike is the first type of bicycle, which ensures the sustainability of itself by following one ethical rule.

Jakob came up with the idea of creating a type of bicycle which does not only have its own characteristics in geometrics or style, but also has it's ethical rule. A rule that ensures, that a Cozy Bike can only be produced sustainable and corporate responsible. This way Jakob tries to trick the big capitalistic and non sustainable bicycle brands, which rule the market. As they are revealing new types of bicycles every year, to increase their sales, the Cozy Bike aims for other goals. For Sustainability, for circular economy, for more individuality, for more corporate responsibility and coziness. The ethical rule of the Cozy Bike makes it impossible for a big company to produce a Cozy Bike in China and sell it in Europe. This way the Cozy Bike is reserved for sustainable and local producing manufacturers only.

Style & Geometrie Guidelines

Solid Base

A cozy Bikes needs a solid base. We recommend a steel Mountain-Bike-Frame. Steel is very durable, has great riding abilities, looks aesthetic and is made in order to last many, many years. A classic Mountain-Bike geometrie is perfect to combine good handling with lots of coziness. We prefer classic steel manufacturers like Reynolds, Columbus or Tange.

Raise the Bar

Raising the bar is the key of the Cozy Bike. Because Mountain-Bike ergonomics back then were not that cozy, we had to change something about it. By raising and back sweeping the bar we found the sweet spot for classic Mountain-Bike-Frames in the steering axis. This is what makes the handling & ergonomics so damn cozy. Style is key. The curves of the Stuttgarter-Bar looks amazing as the playful Klunker-Bar does. Both have their own cozy characteristics. The Stuttgarter makes you feel like a king on the throne, while the Klunker turns your city into a playground with 1000 possibilities to break out.

Balloon Tires 

As we know tire sizes changed. Since no one wants to ride 26-inch anymore, people tend to choose a 27,5” or 29” wheelsets nowadays. To keep the Cozy Bikes up-to-date, we decided to put balloon tires on it. Balloon tires deform differently when they come into contact with the ground than narrow tires. Less energy is lost. So it's very different from what most people think: Balloon tires are wide and still roll easier than narrow standard tires. At the same air pressure, the Balloon tire rolls around 10 watts lighter than a standard tire. Save your back! Also the spine is plagued with 25 percent fewer bumps compared to a standard bike tire. Only a complete suspension of the entire bike frame brings eight percent more relief, but makes the bike susceptible to repair, much heavier and expensive.

No Schnick Schnack 

Schnick Schnack means something like frills. While designing the Cozy Bikes we always kept in mind that form should follow function. A cozy Bikes means understatement. So, no hydraulic brakes, suspensions or carbon-dropper-seatposts. Cause taking care of them is super not cozy at all. About weight? Flywheel mass is greatly underestimated!


Individuality is key when you want to create a high emotional connection between you and your bike. Singlespeed or classic MTB-Gearing? Do whatever you need to do, to make it your bike. From golden bells and leather saddles over coloured break hoes, grips and pedals to personalised racks and bottle cages, everything is possible. We recommend a Front-Rack, as it works perfectly with the steering setup, a nice bell and a real leather saddle. Style is key and your ass will thank you!


A Cozy Bike is build to last. It's build to be sustainable. And it's build to nudge the capitalistic, non-sustainable nonsense market of bicycles into the right way.

Ethic Rule

A Cozy Bike has to be upcycled or sustainably made by hand in your region.